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Oprah into PaardenCoaching

Oprah into Paardencoaching ! zie

Oprah Magazine Features an Equus Coach – Hang on for the Ride
By Kathy Pike on Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

Equus Coaching Moon with RainbowOprah Magazine has featured an article about the beautiful unfolding and unexpected learning that Horses can provide humans. This August issue features Koelle Simpson and her work as an Equus Coach in an article entitled Horse Sense. I am so very excited to see this article as it will only support the horses being seen and experienced as the amazing teachers that they are. Koelle, a life coach, works with Martha Beck who contributes to the Oprah Magazine on a regular basis. Koelle’s roots are based in the Monty Roberts training methods.

Her style of work may be a bit different than the Coaching with Horses programs, however, all clients experiencing Koelle’s work and any other facilitator of sessions with Equus, get the benefit of the horse as the teacher and guide, live, upfront and in person. It is truly a life changing experience.

Every day I hear of a new way that people are positioning and speaking about their horse programs. Call it Equus Life Coaching, Equus Coach, Equine Guided Coaching, Equine Facilitated Learning, or Coaching with Horses, all paths are fueled by the similar desire: To help humans become more conscious through the interaction with horses. Horses have finely tuned senses and a keen awareness of others. As we interact with them they teach us about trust, boundaries, our approach in relationships, emotions, and so much more. They often highlight what we are blind to.

Thank you Oprah for seeing Horses as amazing teachers. Congratulations Koelle, it is a beautiful article written by Martha Beck and the photos are wonderful. I suspect this level of exposure to this work will have a positive affect on all of us and also the horses!
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